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1. Only First Peoples and Nations can determine the processes of decolonization.

2. First Peoples and Nations continue to uphold their sovereign inherent rights and jurisdictions.

3. A sacred trust: First Peoples and Nations continue to uphold their inherent rights and never-ending responsibilities to their lands and resources.

4. Reparations to First Peoples and Nations: Redress from Canada for past harms and the continued disruption of their social, cultural, political, and economic ways of life.

5. The relationship between first Nations and Canada must be governed by international law.

6. International relations: First Peoples and Nations maintain the sovereign authority to enter into international agreements and relationships.

7. Consent was an integral part of the historical treaty process and is necessary for a true nation-to-nation relationship.

8. Only a permanent international court can arbitrate disputes between Canada and First Peoples and Nations in a fair and impartial manner.

9. First Nations retain the right to self-defense.

10. Constitutional reform is necessary to have a nation-to-nation relationship between First Peoples and Nations and Canada.

11. Clearing the path: Canada must remove legislation and court decisions that undermine the rights of First Peoples and Nations.

12. Accountability: Canada must be held accountable for the human rights abuses inflicted upon First Peoples and Nations.

13. Progress must be measured jointly with indicators agreed to by both parties.